The Magnaterrestrials: CT Portrait Photographer

Last year in August (2016) I got the chance to work with the amazing women of the Magnaterrestrials and the astonishing Hayley Jane. If your ever looking for an outstanding and out of this world dance troupe look no further, these magical mystical creatures will make you dance. We spent the day together doing “modely things” frolicking in the golden sunlight. Check out some of my favorites below!


Chased the golden hour with Hayley Jane and managed to capture some shots before the sun set.08032016_Blog_2808032016_Blog_2908032016_Blog_3008032016_Blog_3108032016_Blog_3308032016_Blog_32

After Dark LED Hoop Magic08032016_Blog_2508032016_Blog_2608032016_Blog_27

Some behind the scenes selfies, thanks Hayley!2017-08-16_0034

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